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The Auditory Brain lab (tab lab) at the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law at the University of Dundee investigates the neural underpinnings of speech, music and rhythm processing. A recurring theme is the interplay of the oscillatory organisation of the brain and (quasi-) rhythmic naturalistic stimuli such as speech and music.

Together with Joachim Gross, we have shown in 2016 that each brain area has its own characteristic mix of brain rhythms. The auditory cortex for example has prominent delta, theta and beta rhythms, which make it ideally suited to process speech! Building on the finding that brain areas show distinct rhythmic activity, we now look into the inter-individual variability of these brain rhythms, and how they might influence speech comprehension and music skills.

head of the lab

Young Anne

Anne Keitel

I have been a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) and now Reader (Associate Professor) at the University of Dundee since January 2019. Before that, I was a postdoc at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging at Glasgow University, and did my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany. I am mostly interested in how low-level acoustic properties of speech and music shape our neural processing and the role of intrinsic (spontaneous) brain rhythms. I have been working with amazing colleagues and mentors, such as Joachim Gross (Glasgow & Muenster), Christoph Kayser (Glasgow & Bielefeld), Nathan Weisz (Salzburg), Johanna Rimmele (Frankfurt & NYC) and Christian Keitel (Glasgow & Stirling).


phd student

Sümeyye Şen Alpay

I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Anne Keitel. I have a keen interest in emotion-cognition interactions. My doctoral research investigates the modulatory role of emotional prosody on neural and behavioural synchronisation to speech. To study this, I will combine behavioural tasks, eye-tracking and electroencephalogram (EEG). Previously, I completed my B.A in Psychology at Hacettepe University, Turkey followed by a masters in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London (2021).

research assistants

Stratos Koukouvinis

I am a B.Sc. Psychology graduate from the University of Dundee. Over the past year I have had the unique opportunity to work with the amazing people of the University’s Cognitive Neuroscience labs while exploring multifaceted ideas on neurocognition. Even though several topics attract my attention, I am especially interested in the relationship between auditory entrainment and intrinsic neural oscillations, particularly in the context of musical structures. 

Teodora Mustanova

Hello! My name is Teodora Mustanova and currently I am a Level 2 student in Psychology. My goal in life is to achieve every difficult goal I set to myself and to find a way to make a wish real. This keeps me really energetic all the time and increase my motivation and ambition a lot.
From an early age I have been captivated by Psychology. A part of what enthralls me about it is
how listening to music can stimulate our receptors in the brain and how the different chemical substances like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, opiates etc. affect our bodies in short-term and long-term and “depress” or “stimulate” the function of the central nervous system. Due to this particular interest I made 2 short movies about the use of different drugs, their risk factors and effects on our bodies.
Another exciting area for discussion for me in Psychology is how our brain deals with certain cognitive processes and psychiatric disorders like intellectual disability, anxiety, bipolar and personal disorders and it also motivates me to explore this scientific field in greater detail.
Apart from Psychology a have various of interests, for instance linguistic mathematics, philosophy, drawing, yoga, reading books, make-up, travelling and maybe my greatest passion is cooking. I just love it so much!

voluntary student assistants

Rūta Cinite

My name is Rūta, I’m a 2nd year Business Economics with Marketing and Psychology student, and very happy to be given the opportunity to join Anne’s lab. I have a lot of different interests, but I am particularly curious about the psychology of human behaviour, and one of my dearest hobbies is music and playing the piano!

Ellen Duffy

Hi I’m Ellen and I’m a Level 2 Psychology student from Ireland. What I’m most interested in is how rhythm and music are perceived differently by everyone. I also enjoy learning about social psychology. In my spare time, I love to go surfing and reading.

Andrew McDermott

Hi I’m Andy. I am starting my second year of psychology. The parts of psychology that interest me most is how people’s minds unconsciously changes either in a group or when faced with a situation they can’t comprehend or internalise. I also am very interested in schizophrenia and the mystery it still is. I also love outdoor swimming, cycling and painting to de-stress from


Sarah Allen

My name is Sarah and I’m a Level 4 Psychology student. I’ve been one of Anne’s research assistants for almost two years now, and it’s been an incredible opportunity, working with her and seeing this side of psychology in addition to what I learn in University.

My interests in psychology are quite varied, I’m generally very enthusiastic about the brain and learning more about how it works. Whether that has to do with music, or reading, but especially if it involves placing electrodes and analysing brain waves.

Other hobbies of mine include bouldering, hill-walking, reading and photography!

Grene Jagna-An

I am a psychology graduate from the University of Dundee. My interests lie particularly in social cognition and developmental psychology, and my most loved hobby is playing the piano. Working as one of Anne’s research assistants has given me the opportunity to engage in experiments that integrate both of my passions in psychology and music – all while developing transferable research skills (e.g. liaising with a lab team and utilising experimental software such as MATLAB). It has been a wonderful experience deeming invaluable to my current pursuit for a master’s degree and a career in the field of psychology.

Maria Radeva

My name is Maria, and I am a Psychology graduate from the University of Dundee. My interests in the field of Psychology include Abnormal, Health and Developmental Psychology. I love reading fiction, as well as news about current affairs, politics, and health. I am also passionate about writing journal articles (especially presenting Psychology and health-related information) and fiction stories.

Emily Watson

Emily graduated in Psychology from the University of Dundee in 2020, and completed her final year dissertation, “The Effects of Tonal and Atonal Music on Relaxation: A Combined Behavioural and EEG Study”, under Anne’s supervision. Following completion of her degree, Emily did some research assistant work with Anne, which focussed upon speech rate analysis. Emily is currently doing a MSc in Clinical Child Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and has a particular interest in the predisposing factors of childhood/adolescent-onset eating disorders. She aspires to eventually undertake the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, which would allow her to combine clinical practice with research.

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