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Keitel A & Gross J (2016) Each part of the brain has its own rhythmic fingerprint. The Conversation~Weblink

pre-prints + data


Komorowski MK, Rykaczewski K, Piotrowski T, Jurewicz K, Wojciechowski J, Keitel A, Dreszer J, Duch W (2021). ToFFi-Toolbox for Frequency-based Fingerprinting of Brain Signals. arXiv.

Pfeffer T*, Keitel C*, Kluger DS, Keitel A, Russmann A, Thut G, Donner TH, Gross J (2021). Coupling of pupil-and neuronal population dynamics reveals diverse influences of arousal on cortical processing. bioRxiv

Suess N, Hauswald A, Reisinger P, Roesch S, Keitel A, Weisz N (2021). Cortical tracking of unheard formant modulations derived from silently presented lip movements and its decline with age. bioRxiv

Schmidt F, Chen YP, Keitel A, Roesch S, Hannemann R, Serman M, Hauswald A, Weisz N (2021). Neural speech tracking shifts from the syllabic to the modulation rate of speech as intelligibility decreases. bioRxiv


Schettino A, Porcu E, Gundlach C, Keitel C, Müller MM (2020, 20 April). Rapid processing of neutral and angry expressions within ongoing facial stimulus streams: Is it all about isolated facial features? Open Science Framework

Benwell CSY, Keitel C, Gross J, Thut, G. (2019, 17 January). Frequency and power of human alpha oscillations drift systematically with time-on-task. Retrievable from the Open Science Framework.

Keitel A, Gross J, Kayser C. (2018, 29 March). Perceptually relevant speech tracking in auditory and motor cortex reflects distinct linguistic features. Retrievable from Dryad Database.

Keitel C, Benwell CSY, Thut G, Gross J (2017, November 14). Alpha during quasi-periodic visual stimulation. Retrievable from the Open Science Framework.

Scott G, Keitel A, Becirspahic M, O’Donnell PJ, Sereno SC (2017, 24 August) The Glasgow Norms: Ratings of 5,500 words on 9 scales. Ratings available on the Open Science Framework.

Keitel A, Gross J (2016, 1 June). Spectral fingerprints framework. Download scripts and MEG data from Glasgow CCNi web server or Open Science Framework.

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